Airforwarders Association represents industry on US security committee

US freight forwarders will see continued support from the Airforwarders Association (AfA) through its work on the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC). AfA will advise the TSA on the commercial concerns and requirements of US freight forwarders as it enters the second year of its two-year term on the TSA's ASAC. ASAC is a statutory committee that furthers TSA's security mission through consultation with key partners on aviation security matters, including the development, refinement, and implementation of policies, programmes, rulemaking, and security directives pertaining to aviation security.

AfA's presence on ASAC sees it represent the interest of the US air freight forwarding community as key security decisions are debated. "I am honoured to continue participating on this important federal advisory committee, especially assisting TSA in implementing its Air Cargo Security Roadmap to secure the air cargo system throughout the next five years," said Brandon Fried, executive director, AfA. He added: "US security is always at a premium, but it is vital for AfA to be the voice for the US air freight forwarder as commercial reality must form part of any security policy."

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