Truck carrying cell phones worth $11.5 million stolen on way to Miami

MIAMI - A multi-million dollar heist is under investigation after a trailer heading to Miami carrying expensive cell phones was stolen.

"The truck stopped at a rest stop and we get notification that the complete truck is gone," said

The numbers are mind boggling.

More than 54,000 cell phones valued at £11.5 million dollars were stolen.

The cab of the truck was recovered in Hallandale Beach, but the trailer is gone.

"Extremely devastating, this is a large amount of money," said Sal Banbahji, the Director of International Distribution for PCS Wireless.

PCS Wireless has offices in Miami Lakes.

They say the theft happened on August 14 in Tampa, with the truck bound for Miami.

"What we know is that when he came back to the truck, it wasn't there," said Banbahji. "There is going to be a one hundred thousand dollar reward to help us find devices and who did this."

The thought is that thousands of stolen cell phones are now in the Miami area.

All the stolen phones are blocked and unable to be activated.

"We are doing everything in our power to find out where the cell phones are," said Banbahji. "It's mind blowing that a truck can disappear and it's a lot of money for any business to deal with."