Toyota Truck Subsidiary Faked Emissions Data For 20 Years In Japanese Scandal

As for Ogiso, he promised at the press conference to better educate Hino's employees while working to create a more open, healthy corporate culture. Ogiso said that these issues are not just with the teams that had been faking emissions and that the issue is company-wide. The company's president acknowledged the detrimental cultural conditions within the company, saying he was "determined to see that we are reborn, and we carry that out in clear action."

Toyota Chief Executive Akio Toyoda also issued a statement, which Ogiso read at the conference, saying "The wrongdoing at Hino betrayed the trust of customers and other stakeholders. I deeply regret what has happened." As of now, Hino has recalled 67,000 of its vehicles in Japan in relation to the findings.

However, the number of affected vehicles is far greater than that, numbering close to 300,000 per the company's statement. It is unclear if President Ogiso or other executives will resign or take responsibility in some way. Hino also sells trucks and busses here in the United States, Canada, and across Europe.

Hino has said it is cooperating with investigations by US and European authorities.