Tesla Semi Truck still rolling out on the roads in 2022

Since the first announcement and the planned start of production in 2019, it has been pretty quiet about the electric semi-truck Tesla Semi-Truck. Now, CEO Elon Musk spoke out via Twitter and announced that delivery will still take place in 2022.

Tesla Semi Truck to launch before the end of 2022

The South African has apparently digested his furious appearance at the Tesla shareholder meeting last weekend, at which Musk confirmed among other things the construction of a new, sixth Gigafactory, well. In his familiar style, Musk now announced the launch of the Tesla Semi Truck in one sentence on his favorite social media platform, Twitter. "Tesla Semi Truck with 500 mile range will ship this year, the Sybertruck next year," reads Musk's brief statement.

The all-electric Semi Truck was first mentioned in 2017 and was supposed to go into production in 2019. However, nothing came of it. About a year ago, Tesla announced that preparations for production were making great progress and were as good as complete.

But even after that, it went quiet about the e-truck. Now, at least for the time being, we once again have certainty that the Semi Truck will soon be delivered to end customers. At least according to current knowledge.

The Tesla Semi Truck in detail

The Tesla Semi Truck is an all-electric semi truck that will be offered in two versions.

The top model realizes a range of around 800 kilometers (the 500-mile model mentioned), while the smaller version is supposed to get 300 miles (around 483 km) - and is not expected to appear this year, at least it did not find any mention. On its product website, Tesla talks about "badass performance" with quick acceleration. The e-truck is said to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 20 seconds - fully loaded.

Traction is to be made possible immediately via four individual motors.

Tesla Semi Truck Image: Tesla

It is also said to be the "safest truck ever", according to Tesla. Improved Autopilot is said to help avoid collisions, while moving the seating position to the center of the cockpit is said to improve all-around visibility and control. Thanks to electric propulsion, the semi truck is also expected to save around £200,000 in fuel and maintenance costs per year.

What does the Tesla Semi Truck cost?

As a base price, the Tesla website currently quotes £180,000 for the longer-range model, which would equate to around 175,000 euros.

The smaller model is said to start at a base price of £150,000 (about 146,000 euros), though after all, Tesla's prices aren't really massively set in stone.

At the European market launch of the Tesla Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid models, the prices also climbed significantly compared to the original specification, just like for the standard Model S and Model X versions.