Hyundai Motor’s XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks enter Germany.

Hyundai Motor Company enters the most important commercial vehicle market in Europe. The company today announced the export of its XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty trucks to Germany. Seven German logistics, manufacturing, and retail companies will use 27 XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks in their fleets, receiving funding from the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) for environmentally friendly commercial vehicles. n August 2021, the BMDV launched its funding guidelines for commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems following approval by the European Commission. 

Battery, fuel cell, and (overhead) hybrid electric vehicles will be funded, depending on the refueling/charging infrastructure and associated feasibility studies. The BMDV will have a budget of EUR1.6 billion to purchase environmentally friendly commercial vehicles by 2024. The XCIENT Fuel Cell to be delivered is equipped with a 180-kW hydrogen fuel cell system with two 90-kW fuel cell stacks. 

The system's longevity and the vehicle's overall fuel efficiency are tailored to the needs of commercial fleet customers.  In addition, the 350-kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 2,237 Nm enables dynamic driving performance. The XCIENT Fuel Cell's seven large hydrogen tanks provide a combined storage capacity of around 31 kg of fuel, while a set of three batteries with a total of 72 kWh offers an additional source of energy. 

The maximum range is 400 km per charge. Refueling a full hydrogen tank takes around 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.  Launched by Hyundai Motor in 2020, the XCIENT Fuel Cell is the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-electric heavy-duty truck. 

The company already has 47 units in Switzerland, which has covered more than four million kilometers by July 2022. The trucks are in use for 23 different customers in Switzerland. Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and Swiss company H2 Energy, has also established Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH (HHMG) to actively shape its entry into the hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle market in Germany. 

To establish a hydrogen ecosystem in the country, HHMG will provide local sales and after-sales services and manage equipment suppliers in the market.  HHMG also plans to participate in the second funding program actively.

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