BorgWarner Makes Series Of Announcements In EV Space


Leading mobility solution provider BorgWarner announced that it has been awarded business by a couple of the global automakers to provide its 800V High-Voltage Coolant Heater (HVCH) and 400V coolant heater technology for their new electric vehicle models. According to a press release from the company that the new electric vehicle models equipped with the technology are scheduled to start production by the end of 2023 and early 2024.  The coolant heaters feature a compact modular design with reduced packaging size and weight.

By offering consistent temperature distribution inside the battery pack and its cells, these heaters can be used to improve battery energy performance in EVs and HEVs. Additionally, the HVCH uses the latest thick film element (TFE) technology, which delivers great flexibility in terms of the dimension and size of the heating elements.   Suitable for applications with supply voltages between 250 and 800 volts, the HVCH offers a power range of 3kW to 10 kW, it added.

Akasol Finds Way To European e-CV Makers In another update, the company noted that a European manufacturer has selected its Akasol ultra-high energy battery system to power its first range of heavy-duty electric trucks.  The series production of the 4x2 rigid axle, 18-tonne truck and 6x2 rigid, 26-tonne truck is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

Developed for energy-intensive electric drivetrain applications operating at up to 747 volts, each 9AKM battery pack stores 98 kWh of energy and comes ready to install with all connectors and has a claimed estimated life expectancy of up to 4,000 cycles. It added that the battery packs are supplied along with the company's Multi String Manager (MSM+), serving as a single communication interface to the vehicle control unit and reducing the need for software development by the customer.


Strengthen EV Business Additionally, to increase its share in the EV industry, BorgWarner also acquired Rhombus Energy Solutions.

The transaction has an enterprise value of up to £185 million and was funded primarily with cash balances.   It added that approximately £130 million was delivered at closing, and up to £55 million could be paid in the form of contingent payments over the next three years.  The acquisition also supports its Charging Forward strategy and strengthens the electric vehicle positioning as the company aims to power the entire propulsion system from the grid to the wheels.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Rhombus offers V2G and Underwriters Laboratory-certified charging. Rhombus supplies its patented technology to EV OEMs, including Proterra, and charging and grid service providers.


Charging Stations In Italy The company noted that the first units of its new fast-charging station, Iperion-120, have been installed by the Italian service provider Route220 and are ready to support drivers of electric vehicles on their journeys in Italy.

The direct current (DC) device offers benefits for users and operators alike through its fast-charging options, easy-to-use operations, compatibility, versatility and longevity.