LIQVIS LNG stations accept The Fuel Company’s fleet card in Germany

Customers will be able to refuel their trucks with no need of cash by using the company's card in any of the brand's LNG stations in the country.

LIQVIS LNG stations accept The Fuel Company's fleet card in Germany(C) LIQVIS

LIQVIS has partnered with The Fuel Company (TFC) to enhance services throughout its network of LNG filling stations by implementing cashless payment. TFC will add its partner's gas filling stations in Europe to its fleet card solution throughout Germany. Truck drivers can now use the service to pay when they refuel without the need to use cash in any of the company's service stations.

Filling up with LNG only requires the push of a button when the coupling is connected to switch on the pump, which switches off automatically as soon as the tank is full. LIQVIS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Uniper SE, operates a total of nine stations that offer the alternative fuel in Germany. In addition, there are currently five planned projects for the expansion of the retail network throughout the country.

The TFC card is available for fueling at over 8.000 fuel stations in 18 European countries.  In addition to the fuel card, TFC offers toll solutions and can reclaim international VAT and excise duties. You can also use the card for road services such as truck washing, parking or repair services. Uniper subsidiary LIQVIS has been operating LNG filling stations since 2017.

By establishing strategic partnerships for purchasing BIO-LNG from sustainable sources, the company is also setting the course for CO2-neutral heavy duty logistics.

In 2023, the firm is planning to offer first BIO-LNG quantities as an alternative fuel for heavy duty trucks at its LNG filling stations in Germany.

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