Körber completes Siemens Logistics acquisition | Warehouse & Logistics News

The international technology group Korber announces the successful completion of the acquisition of Siemens Logistics' global mail and parcel business and declares move of headquarters of the Business Area Supply Chain to Constance.

Based in Constance, Germany, Siemens Logistics' mail and parcel business is a market leading solution provider for cutting-edge mail and parcel technology, automation and advanced software and serves the leading global logistics providers. Siemens Logistics' mail and parcel business will be one of the core businesses of the Korber Group.

It will accelerate the Group's growth prospects and complements its market offering as a global partner to the supply chain and e-commerce industry. Therefore, Korber Supply Chain's headquarters will relocate from Bad Nauheim to Constance, Germany. Bringing the corresponding expertise together will further position Korber's Business Area Supply Chain as a global leader for end-to-end supply chain technology.

Thanks to its complementary positioning, the mail and parcel business fits seamlessly into Korber's existing supply chain offering and enables fast integration, ensuring business continuity. Customers and businesses worldwide will benefit from the Group's expertise as a global partner ranging from single solutions to large-scale projects and intelligent hubs up to complete software solutions and entire ecosystems. The parcel automation market is expected to grow double digit annually in the coming years.

The rise in e-commerce and changing consumer behavior continue to drive demand for automation and digitisation throughout the entire supply chain, and especially in parcel processing. Parcel volumes have increased rapidly. At the same time, demands are increasing in terms of delivery, shorter transportation times and sustainability.

Rami Jokela, Member of the Group Executive Board at Korber AG and Chief Sales Officer, says: "I'm very pleased to extend our core businesses with Siemens Logistics' mail and parcel business. We will invest in this business and its solutions to support existing and new customers to meet rising new market needs and demands in sustainable supply chains and customer experience." "We are thrilled to move our headquarters to Constance, bringing the teams together.

By combining our knowledge and passion for cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we are convinced that we will be market leader in end-to-end supply chain execution and system integration and shape the future of global supply chains together," adds Dirk Hejnal, Chief Executive Officer at Korber Business Area Supply Chain. Thomas Amend, CEO of Siemens Logistics' mail and parcel business, emphasises: "We are delighted to become a strong part of Korber's supply chain business. The two companies' knowledge and solutions as well as the regional structures are a perfect fit.

I am sure that we can make a significant contribution to strengthen Korber's position on the way to become a global leading supplier for end-to-end supply chain technology."