July 26 – Freightmaster, USA announces acquisition of Savannah Logistics Group

July 26, 2022 - Last week, owners Todd and Jan Womble announced that Freightmaster, USA Savannah, a single-source provider of international drayage, intermodal-domestic drayage, truckload, warehousing, and distribution, has officially added Savannah Logistics Group (SLG) into their business portfolio. This brand expansion will bolster its current capabilities and serve as the foundation for future expansion into Savannah's transportation market.  The expansion will include every aspect under the logistics industry umbrella. From education to shipping to maintenance and beyond, Savannah Logistics Group will become essential to the critical Savannah shipping and distribution community.

The announcement was formally made on Thursday, July 21, during a company-wide party held at Enmarket Arena's Chatham Parkway Club, attended by employees and partners throughout the community.

The night was filled with camaraderie, giveaways, and a formal introduction to the new brand, leaving everyone excited about the future.