Antalis create packaging solution for Truck Lamps

Antalis has created a bespoke packaging design for the protection of delicate, custom-made truck lamps. The reusable packaging comprises laser-cut foam and a corrugated board outer carton, providing protection to truck lighting, while ensuring minimum contact to avoid breakages.

Antalis' client manufactures two kinds of custom-made truck lamps which are shipped to an external finisher before being returned and placed into storage.

To avoid damage to the reflector, the lamps can only be touched at designated points, which was challenging for the client when packaging them for transit. Prior to contacting Antalis, the lamps were packed into polythene bags and placed loose into a box, resulting in damages at a rate of 30-40%. The client asked Antalis to help them provide a packaging solution for the lights.

The Antalis team designed bespoke packaging comprising laser-cut foam and a corrugated board outer carton. The foam securely and safely holds several lights, making contact only with the safe touchpoints. It was important to create a reusable packaging solution that would provide optimum protection with minimum contact to avoid damaging the lights.

The benefits of Antalis' solution are that the lights are now easy to pack, there has been a significant reduction in damages and in materials used, and the client has seen an increase in transport efficiency.