All-star drivers honored by CPC Logistics at NASCAR race

On today's episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about the need for speed to honor drivers. CPC Logistics President Butch Wallis tell us all about CPC's and NASCAR's driver salute. So you want to intern at a port and learn how to board a vessel by helicopter?

We're finding out how the summer internship program works at the Port of Vancouver USA. We're joined by  Zack Merrill, sales account manager at the Port of Vancouver USA, and Briana Garden and Cole Klein, interns at the port. Thom Albrecht, CFO and chief revenue officer at Reliance Partners, shows us what insurance is telling us about the trucking market.

Will we see the market recover as we head into fall peak season? Todd Ellis, vice president of sales at Renewable Energy Group, says the road to zero emissions in trucking begins now with bio and renewable diesel.   Plus, a carrier takes to a hang glider to assess the capacity situation; NYPD confiscates a water gun; a Tesla Semi sighting; a Swift driver lives up to the reputation; delivering in the Springfield Underground Caves; and a truck show honors a 9-year-old.

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