U.S. trucking groups don’t want fuel tax holiday

Trucking associations in the U.S. are unimpressed with a "gimmicky" decision to temporarily suspend the federal fuel tax. "After months of touting the passage of the well-funded Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - a much-needed investment in our nation's roads and bridges - the Biden Administration wants to cut that same highway system's primary source of funding with a suspension of the federal fuel tax," said American Trucking Associations CEO Chris Spear.

(Photo: Leo Barros)

"Here are three immediate things this Administration and Congress can do that will actually make a difference. Make America energy independent...stop kissing the ring of Saudi Arabia. Renew trade agreements with the European Union and Asian Pacific nations in order to export more American oil and natural gas.

And, balance the budget...stop wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on senseless programs that drive up inflation and runaway deficits. Energy independence, trade and a balanced budget. Do that, and America wins."

Jim Ward, president of the Truckload Carriers Association, said "Implementing federal or state gas tax holidays would significantly starve the Highway Trust Fund of much-needed financing and directly undermine industry and policymakers' ability to implement the newly-won infrastructure law.

Trucking, an industry directly reliant on fuel, unequivocally understands the cost of rising fuel prices, however we do not support short-term solutions at the sacrifice of long-term progress toward a better-funded and more-reliable national infrastructure network."