Professional Art Transportation Services for Museums

Renzo Piano, the Italian architect and the father of The Shard in London, once said, "A museum is a place where one should lose one's head." From museum flooring to its ceiling, everything in it is soaked with aesthetics, and it is indeed easy to get lost in your thoughts while immersing yourself in art. As a specialized art shipping company, we know what it takes for a painting or sculpture to look natural within a venue. Unfortunately, we cannot let ourselves lose our heads, as art transportation services for museums require scrupulous attention to detail.

Recently, Fine Art Shippers packed and moved a collection of artworks from the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University in New Jersey to the Coral Gables Museum in Florida. Our team had to deal with over 60 paintings, including huge ones, and make sure that each artwork was properly packed and handled. What makes museum logistics special for us?

Fine Art Shippers' Art Transportation Services for Museums

Shipping a museum collection is a challenge that you can overcome only with the help of proper organizational skills at every stage of transportation.

Whenever we put our hands to work, we draw up a plan that every member of a team follows to achieve the best results. Packing goes first. Given that museums specialize in different stuff, from art and artifacts to specimens, we need to have a range of high-quality packing materials to ensure the safety of museum pieces.

Acid-free glassine paper and folders, nylon fabric, blanked pads, air bubbles, and polyurethane foam are a short list of materials used for art transportation services. When used correctly, these art packaging supplies guarantee solid protection from different types of damage. When it comes to external coverage, custom wooden crates are preferred.

Corrugated cardboard boxes may be dangerous for large-scale artworks and delicate museum pieces, which is why they are usually avoided. By following all safety guidelines and paying attention to vulnerable parts of every item, Fine Art Shippers can quickly and efficiently complete a task given by a museum. Shipping and unpacking follow the same algorithm of safety as the packing process.

Our climate-controlled trucks are safe enough for interstate transportation. If needed, we can ship artworks from the US to any other part of the world. Overall, our art transportation services are a safe bet for both history and art museums that require top-notch protection for their objects.

Accuracy and efficiency make Fine Art Shippers a magic wand in the hands of museum curators.