Volta Trucks to Unveil Electric Trucks in the US Next Year

Volta Trucks, a known electric vehicle company, will be bringing its own commercial e-trucks in the United States in 2023.  The EV maker is planning to introduce the Zero trucks known as Volta Zero in the said region along with the two models: Class 5 and Class 6. To bolster its manufacturing strategy in the country, it’s currently searching for a potential partner that could help it produce electric vehicles.

Volta Zero Trucks Are Coming to the US in 2023

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Volta Zero trucks are expected to touch down in the United States soon.

According to a report by NGT News, it is expected that the first Volta Zero trucks will first enter the North American market in 2023, particularly in Los Angeles, California. For those unfamiliar with this company, it is a London-based startup that was launched in 2019. Since then, it has delivered its trademark Class 7 Volta Zero trucks across Europe since 2020.

After Volta saw success on its flagship EV, it decided to launch three extra models of the same vehicle. All in all, Volta spent £241 million or EUR230 million to produce the 16-ton variation of the Zero Truck. The Series C funding is also intended to launch both 7.5 and 12-ton models at that time.

Having said that, Volta aims to roll out these variations to the public in 2025. Related Article: RAM 1500 EV: Company Teases New Electric Pickup, Aims to ‘Steal Thunder’ from Ford

Volta to Release 18-Ton Zero Truck

It is expected that the 18-ton version of the popular electric truck will be coming next year, along with the 16-ton model. The company announced that in 2024, the production rollout will kick off.

The components of the Zero Truck are not entirely from Europe. It should be noted that Michigan-based supplier Meritor is responsible for delivering its eAxle, the EV motor. Meanwhile, the Proterra, which is from California, is assigned for the EV battery supply.

As part of its expansion on foreign soil, Volta is looking for a new company that will create US-made parts for its trucks. According to Electrek, the first batch of Class 7 Volta Trucks that are set to land in the US will come from Steyr in Austria. The company plans to locally build the succeeding lighter trucks in the North American region.

“Since the launch of Volta Trucks in 2019 and the reveal of the Volta Zero in September 2020, we have used London, Paris, and other European launch cities, where fleets are increasingly converting to electric, to prove that our concepts align with customers’ needs,” Volta Trucks founder Carl-Magnus Norden said. Norden believes that their Zero trucks will be enough to satisfy the American market. They would like to know the immediate feedback for the customers once the products touch the United States.

Additionally, he says that he’s also eager to meet the “largest fleet customers” in NA, citing his desire to bring the full-electric Class 7 to a bigger market. Read Also: #TechCEO: Robert “RJ” Scaringe | Meet the Man Behind Rivian’s Success This article is owned by Tech Times

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