Top 3 Most Popular German Restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida

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3. Cultural Kitchen & Catering: Wurstbusters Cultural Kitchen & Catering offers Annet Schultz’s authentic German food truck, Wurstbusters.

It is the first German food truck to be opened in northeast Florida. It first opened in 2017, and after 5 years of attending various Oktoberfest celebrations and other catering events, Wurstbusters now has its own set location on St. Augustine Road, a fusion restaurant with the Twisted Roots food truck.

Owners Annet and her best friend Natalie were both born in Germany, and this shows in the authenticity of their food truck’s food. They greet all their customers with kindness and serve delicious homemade food, all culminating into a comforting and homey experience. Some of their most popular menu items include their “Berlin Style” chicken gyro, bratwurst, schnitzel, and loaded fries.

2. European Street Cafe European Street Cafe has three locations in the Jacksonville area: in Jacksonville Beach, San Marco, and Riverside. The first location, which was in the Regency Square Mall, opened up in 1980.

Over the years, the restaurant has evolved into what it is now: a delicious slice of Germany with a menu that includes over 100 items, a Brewmeister Club in which guests earn one beer everyday, a large beer selection with 20 rotating beer taps and over 200 bottled beers, online ordering, and special events. They provide some of the best service in Jacksonville with their extremely friendly and prompt wait staff. Some popular dishes include the beer cheese soup, Blue Max, turkey Parisian, kielbasa, and their amazing desserts.

1. Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House This modern Baverican bier garten has over 60 taps with carefully selected craft beer, a full liquor bar, creative sausages, and other Bavarian inspired gastro pub food. Some of their delicious menu items include their chorizo mac, burger roulette, bacon grinder burger, brats in a blanket, and beer battered poutine.

The staff is funny and friendly, and be sure to check out their rooftop at their 5 Points location!