airBaltic Is Dispatching Ukrainian Mail Arriving In Riga By Road Across Europe

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Latvian carrier airBaltic has announced that it will be working in collaboration with UkrPoshta to reopen cargo services in Ukraine. The multimodal mail transportation system will bring cargo and mail from Kyiv to Riga before the airline distributes it across its network. Since April 12, airBaltic has handled over 7,000 mail bags from Ukraine.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic, said,

"We do our utmost to help the Ukrainian nation. As a result, a regular truck line Kyiv-Riga now feeds airBaltic flight network from Ukraine to major European hubs and beyond."

airBaltic Airbus A220 The airline has consistently displayed its support for the people of Ukraine. Photo: airBaltic

Support for Ukraine

The airline has stood firm in its support for the Ukrainian people through the ongoing Russian invasion. airBaltic operated three routes into the country, covering Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa, accounting for around 7% of the airline's revenue.

Prior to the start of the conflict, when airlines scaled back operations in Kyiv, airBaltic added additional flights between the city and its hub in Riga, subsequently withdrawing from the Russian market for the foreseeable future. In April, the airline moved to deliver humanitarian relief cargo to the Ukrainian refugee center in Chisinau, Moldova, returning to Riga with a group of refugees. Commenting at the time, Gauss noted,

"Many Ukrainian refugees are seeking a safe place to stay until they can return to their home country. airBaltic can only do a small part in this tragic crisis by supporting with the travel to Latvia.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the brave Ukrainian nation."

In the same month, the carrier announced its intent to reinstate its Ukrainian network as soon as circumstances permit; however it has no intentions to return to Russia in 2022. Most recently, airBaltic has leased a Boeing 737-900ER jet from Ukraine International Airlines. The decision will provide the carrier and its crew with work across airBaltic's network on a short-term basis.

airBaltic Airbus A220 Wingtip The airline has been promoting the Airbus A220 alongside the aircraft manufacturer on a tour across the Asia-Pacific region.

Photo: airBaltic

Latest news

Aside from international relations, airBaltic has been making its presence felt across the aviation industry, from its ongoing expansion across Europe to continued investments sustainability. The carrier is known for its exclusive use of the Airbus A220-300, operating 34 aircraft with six more expected this year. Since taking delivery of its first A220 in July 2018, it has carried almost 8 million passengers on the type, completing over 92,000 flights and flying 200,000 block hours.

Working alongside Airbus, airBaltic participated in a demonstration tour across the Asia-Pacific region to promote the A220-300. The airline has already visited Sydney, Singapore, and Hanoi, with the next stop set for Tokyo. The A220 is "the greenest commercial aircraft" in the world.

With reduced fuel burn and low noise levels, it produces 20% less Carbon Dioxide and 50% less Nitrogen Oxide than other aircraft in its category. In a recent statement regarding its promotional tour of the aircraft, the airline attested that the jet exceeded expectations in fuel efficiency and convenience, and noted it's important place within the airline's sustaibality commitments. What do you think of airBaltic's recent collaborations with UkrPoshta and Airbus?

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