Irish Road Haulage Association Warn Of ‘Very Serious’ Protest Over Fuel Prices

Yesterday, the government approved measures to cut the cost of fuel prices.  The Irish Road Haulage Association are warning of a 'very serious' protest over fuel prices. They say the protest will take place if the trucking industry doesn't get more government support.

The group met with the Minister for Transport last night, to discuss ways to deal with record-high petrol and diesel prices. Truck drivers say they can no longer survive the rising cost of doing business.

"The situation is dire, the rate fuel is increasing is frightening - its a wartime crisis" A delegation from the Irish Road Haulage Association met with Finance Minister @Paschald this morning

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At one stage, the price of diesel rose to more than 2-euro this week, but that'll see a slight reduction with the excise duty cut. The price of diesel will be reduced by 15 cent, and petrol by 20 cent per litre.

At the end of last year, hauliers organised a serious of protests around the country, bringing many major routes to a standstill.

IRHA president Eugene Drennan says truck drivers are prepared to stage bigger protests if they don't get better financial support.

"It will upset all supply chains and upset other industries a lot as well," Drennan said. "If we go to protest, it will be very, very, very serious."