U.S. Department Of Transportation Takes Steps To Improve Trucking Industry

Friday, January 14th 2022, 6:24 pm By: News On 6 The U.S.

Department of Transportation said it wants to make it easier for people to become truck drivers. The department hopes that will help fix the current supply chain issues. They said more than £32 million will go to states to improve the process for getting a commercial driver’s license.

More than 100 companies have said they will expand their trucking apprenticeship programs. Companies said not only are there too few who want to be drivers, but once they see how much time in the truck is unpaid, many quit. “I seen a guy just this morning.

He’d been sitting up for three to four hours, just sitting there, just waiting to get his truck loaded.

And he’s not making any money,” Recruiter, Mickey Weaver said.

Many drivers are leaving the business, with yearly turnover hitting 90-percent in some parts of the trucking industry.