Box Latch Europe® launches e-commerce platform | Warehouse & Logistics News

Box Latch Europe, the US-based manufacturer of re-usable corrugated box closure solutions, has recently launched an e-commerce platform through which customers can order their innovative products.

Distributed in the UK & Western Europe by Item Products, a leading designer and producer of components for the packaging industry, Box Latch Europe aim is to create sustainable packaging by making boxes re-usable many times over. They seek to disrupt the industry norm of only using corrugated boxes once before they are sent for recycling or doomed for landfill, which currently accounts for 90% of corrugated boxes.

Products include Box Latch(TM) - a recycled plastic closure and reopening device, which is available in five colours and two different sizes. The innovation extends box life and, as the packaging is not damaged as is the case when using single-use tape or staples, provides extensive supply chain benefits including cost reductions; and Clip & Stack, a novel recycled plastic corner fixing mechanism that is designed to hold box flaps out of the way for packing or unpacking. As with Box Latch, the Clip & Stack can be used hundreds or thousands of times and allows boxes to be stacked in a tote configuration while open, so that they are ready when needed at peak times.

Clip & Stack is available in either 'heavy duty' in orange, or 'standard' in black or green. Item Products' managing director, Julian Cook, said: "The release of the Box Latch Europe e-commerce portal helps further extend the company's mission - to change the way the world closes and re-uses corrugated boxes. Box Latch develop the products and tools to help the global supply chains understand that re-use, not recycling, is the most effective long-term solution to corrugate waste management.

"Each time corrugated boxes are re-used - without the transportation, staffing and energy costs required to transport waste materials to recycling centres, re-manufacture them, and return them to use and circulation - cost benefits can be extraordinary."

Box Latch Europe's new e-commerce site is currently offering visitors a 10% discount code for all online purchases, using the promotional code WHL2022.