Cash spills from armoured truck on California highway, causing traffic jam as motorists rush to collect money (VIDEO)

(C) Provided by Malay Mail An armoured truck has dropped a load of cash onto a highway in Carlsbad, California which has caused a traffic jam as motorists flock to collect the spilled bills. — Screen capture via Instagram/ Demi Bagby

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — An armored truck that dropped a load of cash onto a highway in Carlsbad, California caused a traffic jam as motorists flocked to collect the money. It was reported that the armored truck’s door flung open, leaving a trail of scattered US£20 (RM83.67) bills on the highway. According to NBC news, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was alerted of the incident by members of the public on Friday morning.

CHP and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) added that some motorists had gotten out of their vehicles to snatch the money. However, the authorities warned that those who took the money need to return it or face a possible criminal charge. “Many of the motorists returned the money immediately to the officers; however, there were motorists observed driving from the scene with stolen money.

“The CHP would like to thank those motorists who have already returned money to their local CHP office and remind the public to do the right thing and return any money they found on the freeway,” CHP said. The New York Post reported that the armoured truck carrying the money belonged to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation however, authorities are still not clear on exactly how much cash was taken from the incident. Aside from that, a couple were also arrested on suspicion of taking some of the scattered money after getting locked out of their vehicle on the highway.

Meanwhile, a video from the cash spills incident shared by fitness influencer, Demi Bagby, has been making rounds across social media. Bagby described the whole incident as ‘the most insane thing’ she had ever seen, adding that ‘San Diego has shut down’ as she panned the camera to show motorists exiting their vehicles to join in the cash-grab frenzy. Bagby’s short clip has been viewed nine million times on TikTok while garnering over one million likes with social media users joking about the incident.

“My faith in humanity restored, everyone helped to clean up the mess,” joked user KingDiri. “You unintentionally just snitched on everyone in the video,” Maverick McNeilly commented. “I’d be pulling up with a vacuum,” commented user dandaman408.

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