Boosting efficiency – Sortation cuts costs

Sortation systems reduce the manual labour needed to prepare for palletising, packing and shipping. Efficient sortation can increase order fill rates, minimise returns and reduce operating costs. These benefits mean lower prices and faster delivery to the customer.

Most automated sortation systems use a fixed-position bar code scanner which identifies each carton or item on the conveyor and sends that information to the system controls. The destination of each product is pre-programmed and activates the sortation mechanism when the product arrives at its designated divert point. This article was first published in the November 1st 2021 issue of Warehouse & Logistics News, subscribe to the magazine by clicking here[1].

Toyota Material Handling and Interroll have installed a powerful and efficient conveyor system for Imnasa in Campllong near Girona, Spain. Core components of the new material-handling solution are the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), the RollerDrive EC 5000 and the MultiControl from Interroll. The state-of-the-art system, which spans around 360 meters, automates the flow of goods between two buildings, increases productivity, and improves customer service as well as the working environment of the personnel deployed.

Material handling, automation and maintenance specialist AMH Material Handling has been awarded another three-year contract for the maintenance of all material handling machinery at Asda's George clothing warehouses. The site-based maintenance contract review process, which took a total of six months for the Asda Logistics Services team to complete, resulted in the renewal of an existing contract with AMH Material Handling. AMH was successfully awarded the contract after demonstrating its existing and future value; its proven track record of health and safety and legislative compliance, and its impressive performance in continually exceeding expectations and SLAs.

Vanderlande has signed a contract with global footwear brand Crocs to deliver FASTPICK, a state-of-the-art goods-to-person (GtP) system incorporating ADAPTO technology. It will be installed at the new home of Crocs' European distribution centre (DC) in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Vanderlande's ADAPTO, an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), will be central to the operation in Dordrecht and enables efficient and fast delivery to both stores (B2B) and consumers (B2C).

ADAPTO offers Crocs the capacity to simultaneously store up to 16,000 SKUs across 54,000 locations. A global leader in the logistics industry, specialising in international shipping, courier services and transportation has invested in a new packing sortation conveyor system from LAC Conveyors & Automation. The DWS system provided a fully automated pre-sort to and from the courier vans and incorporated a rework area for those items identified by the host system as requiring manual intervention.

The conveyor system includes the following conveyor elements: line shaft conveyor, 90-degree roller conveyor bends with underslung AC motors, belt conveyors and incline belt conveyors, Ro7 driven motorised roller conveyors, belt under roller conveyors, Post and Parcel switch sorters, walkways, platforms, and flooring for easy access around the system. Conveying and sortation providers are continuing to innovate to meet the demands of modern distribution centres. George Simpson

Features Editor


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