1967 Chevy C10 Project Truck Is A Tire Killer

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This pickup goes for its first run with the wild horses.

The Chevrolet C10 Pickup truck is one of America’s most highly sought-after small trucks from the olden days.

Having built a reputation for being tough as a mule and beautiful as a prized pony while having the capacity to be built into a racehorse the C-10 has gained a sort of cult-like following in the automotive community. Of course, this is entirely justified because the truck follows through on every promise it makes. With some modification, you could have yourself an awesome street truck that blasts through tires faster than a Mustang blasts through a crowd.

That was the essential reasoning behind the creation of this build and, while it certainly may not be pretty, it does it better than most of its fellow small pickups. Under the hood of this glorious 1967 Chevy C10 sits a performance LT4 crate engine that sports an insane supercharger. All of that power is transferred from the crank to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission which makes changing between gears as easy as pie.

A full roll cage accompanies the truck in its high-performance shenanigans and keeps the truck safe and rigid. The main goal of today’s project was to get the interior of the truck fitted with some nice custom seats and door panels. This would allow the driver to have his fun in comfort and style from the interior’s perspective.

Of course, the exterior has a very nonchalant attitude showing its age through the various scratches and dents. Finally, it was time to let that 650-horsepower engine let loose with this ultra-light hot rod truck with an awesome burnout. Starting with some playing around with the air suspension, the truck looks and sounds like a band of wild horses ready to run faster than the sun.

That is exactly what this thing did. As soon as the driver hit the gas pedal it jumped off the line and immediately began going sideways as its power was just too much for it to handle. Sign up for the Motorious Newsletter.

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