Jeep Wrangler in Europe will lose traditional three-door drives due to emissions

Emissions have been cutting European offerings for various cars for many years – and now the Jeep Wrangler has been launched. While in the USA you will not only get a six-cylinder engine, but an eight-cylinder, in Europe from next year only a plug-in hybrid will be available with the 4xe styling.

This means, among other things, that we will no longer be able to purchase the Classic Three-Door Edition, but only Five-Door Unlimited. The inline hybrid does not fit in the short version.

How and whether the change will affect the Gladiator pickup truck, which does not yet have a plug-in hybrid version and is sold in Europe with a three-liter turbocharged engine, is unknown at this time.

Change is sad, but all is not lost. First, the short version accounts for less than a third of Wrangler sales in Europe. And also the 4xe version has an electric motor in the gearbox, so in front of the additional gearbox – it is possible to drive on electric with a reduction and in the case of the Rubicon version with closed differentials.

The plug-in hybrid does not fit a short Wrangler, so you can no longer buy it in Europe.

In the illustration, modified or new drive components for version 4xe are shown in blue.

Photo: pocket

In the UK, since its exit from the European Union, there is still a pure gasoline version on offer, at least for the time being. Nor should anything prevent individual import from the USA, where there are specialized companies.

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