LETTER – Immigration remains a major concern

When a majority voted for Brexit back in 2016 it ha little to do with French fishermen or German car manufacturers.

The pivotal point was uncontrolled immigration, and it still remains a major concern today.

Central Government have since sent out orders tat new house building should read a target of 300,000 a year by the mid 2020s, no doubt to help combat the problem.

Our politicians will not own up to the fact, but Migrationwatch forecasts that if net immigration continues to run at the same level as last year – just over a quarter of a million – then a little over half of extra homes needed in England until the early 2040s will be due to immigration.

Your paper (May 18) headlined ‘Major flats plan for cliff car park’ (page four), ‘Greenbelt may be needed for homes’ (page five, and ‘Town centre flats in line for backing’ (page nine).

BCP Council may not excel at a lot of things but nobody can question its resolve to build, build, build, regardless of any disapproval.

With a steady decline in the national birth rate, just where are all of those people for whom all of this is being designated actually living today? Or are they yet to arrive?

Robert Woodland