‘Gory’ Truck Crash Scene in UK Turns Out to be Tomatoes, Twitter Cooks Up Pasta Memes

It looked like an extremely violent crime scene straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie after two lorries crashed on a highway in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. A long stretch of the highway was completely red and gave the impression of a bloodbath. However, when cops reached the location, they were relieved to find out that it was just olive oil and tomato puree.

The accident happened in the 23-mile westbound stretch of the road from Cambridge to Brampton, according to Evening Standard. In a Facebook post, the Cambridgeshire Police revealed that one of the trucks involved in the crash was carrying olive oil and tomatoes that led to the horrific sight.

In its post, Cambridgeshire Police said, “When our officers attended this crash yesterday, they could have been forgiven for thinking they’d stumbled onto the set of a horror film. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the redness all around them was actually thousands of squashed tomatoes.”

It added, “The incident on the A14 at Godmanchester yesterday evening involved two jack-knifed lorries, including one carrying tons of olive oil and tomatoes.”

According to the police, since there was olive oil spillage, the stretch had to be closed temporarily. It was reopened at just before 1 pm on Wednesday.

With no one injured and a story involving tomatoes and olive oil, it was time for netizens to come up with hilarious takes on the incident that of course included pasta jokes.

BBC[4] reported that there were no casualties and one of the drivers who was taken to the hospital was later discharged.

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