Craig Tunstall's Silloth Family Truck Show 2022 aims to put smiles on faces


A SILLOTH man who has been given the green light to host a truck show in the town he grew up in has said he simply hopes he can give the town a boost and put smiles on faces. Silloth Town Council has given the go-ahead for the Family Truck Show 2022 to take place on Silloth Green. There have been truck shows in Silloth before, but organiser Craig Tunstall of Craig Tunstall Attractions said that holding the show on the green for the first time was intended to boost local business.

“I’m 50 now, and you get to a certain age where you realise that it isn’t all about money,” he said. “Some of these children in Silloth are my friends’ children and if I could just see them with smiles on their faces whilst they look around the lifeboat and trucks – that would be great. “I hope it will give as much advertisement for Silloth businesses as possible.

“From a business point of view, everything that is held in Silloth will be better off on the green. “It involves the whole town that way.” The Family Truck Show 2022 will have a range of custom-made and show lorries on display.

Craig said they also hoped to have other vehicles, including emergency vehicles on display and a selection of rides, which he would be able to provide himself. On the news that his application to hold the truck show had been confirmed, he added: “I was chuffed to bits. “I’ve always fancied having a go at it myself.”

According to Craig, the profits of the show will be going to Silloth Town Council to help them maintain the green. He is also offering free stall set ups for charities who wish to fundraise at the event. Silloth-on-Solway Town Council chairman, Mark Orchard said: “Silloth on Solway Town Council met earlier this week with representatives of the many events held annually in Silloth.

“We all came to an agreement that would see all future events secured and moving forward these events would in turn help secure the future of the smaller events and put the council in a position to help financially support those smaller and newer events. “Amongst the events agreed for 2022 was a new event submitted by organiser Craig Tunstall, Silloth Family Truck Show. The event was presented for the Town Council to consider some time ago and the time and effort gone into the presentation alone was complimented by the town council, who were excited to agree and see another event added to Silloth’s calender

“We wish Craig the very best of luck and are looking forward to seeing this becoming an annual event.”