Travel resumes along Yei-Juba road

Road transport along the Yei-Juba and Yei-Kaya roads resumed this week following improved security, police and local officials said. Last month, the Yei-Juba and Yei-Kaya road became inaccessible after some truck drivers were killed by armed men. Yei River County police commissioner, Gen.

Yoasa Lujang Kamba, told Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday that commercial vehicles from Uganda and Juba have started bringing goods into Yei town. “There is a good improvement on the side of security and now vehicles have started coming from Juba safely and also other vehicles have started coming from Kaya to Yei and they reached into Yei safely and we are working hard to improve security in Yei,” Gen. Lujang said.

For his part, Edward Luba, the Yei chamber of commerce chairperson, confirmed that the commercial vehicles started arriving in Yei town.

“Up to now, I can say commercial vehicles have started bringing goods into Yei town from Juba and also others have started coming from Kaya to Yei town and from Yei town also going to Juba and kaya and there are vehicles bringing goods such as food items and other building materials into the town,” Edward said.

Last week, Yei River County commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, reassured the public about security and resumption of movement along the highways in and out of Yei town.