Thieves crash stolen truck into B.C. convenience store

Anyone hoping to pick up lottery tickets or a snack at The Bay’s Convenience Store in Horseshoe Bay before their ferry ride to Vancouver Island this week had better make alternative plans, because the business will probably be undergoing some pretty serious renovations. 

a truck is parked on the side of a building: Thieves crash stolen truck stuck into BC convenience store (C) Provided by Thieves crash stolen truck stuck into BC convenience store

Video captured by a tow truck driver in the Royal Avenue and Bruce Street area of the coastal B.C. community early on Monday morning shows part of the spectacular and obviously intentional crash, wherein a green Ram 2500 repeatedly smashes into the storefront. The stolen pickup truck actually enters the building, then turns completely around before getting stuck.  “I looked as they backed in and just stopped there and I watched for a minute, and they took off up the road,” said witness Terry LaLiberte in an interview with Global News . “There’s a taxi across the road and I just realized they did a U-turn… coming back down, rammed right back into the place, going in and nose-first.

This time actually went right inside and turned around.”

The last couple incidences of drivers crashing through building entrances that we’ve covered here have been prompted by rage and/or confusion , but this one looks more like an adrenaline-fueled smash-and-grab. 

With the help of a police canine unit, authorities were able to track one of the three individuals who fled the scene on foot. 

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