These Are the 10 States With the Best Transportation

imagePoor transportation is one of several reasons why the American Society of Civil Engineers in March gave the country a C-minus grade in its infrastructure report card – an improvement over its previous score of D-minus but still considered “mediocre.”

The report found that nearly half of Americans, 45%, have no access to public transit. The report card – released every four years – gave the bridges category a lower grade than it received in 2017, and the transit category kept its previous grade of D-minus. But some states can call transportation a strength.

For its 2021 Best States rankings, U.S. News determined which states have the best transportation by considering bridge quality, average commute time, public transit usage and road quality. Public transportation usage was calculated by determining each state’s vehicle revenue miles per capita.

The national average is 14.7.

These states made the top 10: