Rio Linda teen recovering after being hit, dragged under truck

A Rio Linda family is looking for answers after a terrifying incident.

a screen shot of a woman: karla naranjo, 15, recovering after being hit by a truck in rio linda (C) Kailey Morton karla naranjo, 15, recovering after being hit by a truck in rio linda

Tuesday, just after 6 p.m., Karla Naranjo, 15, was riding her bike on Elkhorn Boulevard near the intersection of Rio Linda Boulevard when she was hit.

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“They sent her home with a walker, but she can’t even go upstairs to her bedroom. She hasn’t been able to walk,” family friend Kailey Morton said. “I remember just like shaking and just not knowing if she was OK. None of us knew.”

Morton described what happened, saying Karla stopped in the bike lane to make sure it was safe to cross. There was a truck leaving the 7-Eleven parking lot that stopped, making Naranjo think it was safe to cross. Naranjo started crossing, and that’s when the truck continued to drive out into the street, Morton said.

Karla told her family that the truck driver hit her. “They pretty much just dragged her a couple lanes over, and she was under their car with her bike the entire time,” Morton said. KCRA 3 asked Morton if Karla was able to ride her bike through the crosswalk.

Morton said Naranjo was on the right side of the road the entire time she was riding home. Naranjo used the crosswalk closest to her house, which is about four to five houses down from the crosswalk where she was hit. It was the only way home for Naranjo.

“She was doing the safest route she could to get home,” Morton said. “She was on the right side of the street. She crossed using the crosswalk and then she proceeded to try to come home down the bike lane.” According to Morton, the other driver is a neighbor who lives nearby.

“We see her truck every day. The same truck that hit Karla. It’s really hard to see that,” Morton said.

As far as the family knows, the driver has not been charged with a crime. “A child wasn’t just hit on a bike. She was hit and dragged across a major street and that just doesn’t seem like it’s OK to walk away from that,” Morton said.

For now, the family is focused on helping Karla heal, but they’ve consulted an attorney to weigh their options. The family has created an online fundraiser to help with medical bills. KCRA 3 contacted the North Sacramento California Highway Patrol office that handled this incident.

Officer Greg Zumstein responded to our inquiry but referred us to Officer Andrew McTaggart, saying via email, “he would be the better resource to answer your inquiry.” As of the time this story was published, we have not heard from Officer McTaggart. TOP STORIES FROM KCRA: Here’s how to qualify for the £600 Golden State Stimulus checks

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