Food truck, buses set on fire in Renton, police investigating string of arsons

Food truck, buses set on fire in Renton, police investigating string of arsonsWhat to watch next
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The last thing Edgar Castaneda thought he’d hear early Easter Sunday would be that his family’s food truck would be one of several structures senselessly set on fire in Renton. “This is our livelihood,” he said. “This is what we make money off of and pay our bills and feed our children.” It’s heartbreaking for Edgar and his family who started the truck back in August after he and his father, Louis, lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

After only about eight months of successful business it went up in flames. “All of the sudden, at 6 in the morning I get like 10 calls out of nowhere and I was like, I thought they were trying to ask me something about Easter but it was about their business burning down,” Castaneda said. The last thing he thought he’d have to see is the debris from all their hard work.

“First thing I see is my dad crying so that’s really hard as a son,” Castaneda said. Sadly, the Castaneda’s weren’t the only ones affected by fires set in Renton. Just down the street at a bus maintenance yard, according to Renton Fire, at least two buses were burnt to a crisp and this morning you could see what was left of one of them.

A semi-truck and a greenhouse were burned as well. “Anytime somebody does anything like this, you know, it affects people’s livelihoods, it affects the communities, it affects the safety of the community and especially it affects the financial holdings of the business owners,” said Jason Chudy, public information officer for ATF’s Seattle Division. Chudy said the bureau is helping Renton Police in this investigation to see if the string of fires are connected and to help determine who might be responsible.

“We hate to see this so we’re really happy to help out,” Chudy said. But the sting of what happened overnight isn’t going away from the Castaneda’s anytime soon. “It was just a horrific morning to wake up half asleep and hear your business has been burned down wakes you up pretty quick,” Castaneda said.

The Castaneda family has set up a GoFundMe for help now that they’ve lost their food truck.

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