Transport bosses told to trim their six-figure salaries

Rail and road bosses are under pressure to cut pay after Grant Shapps pledged to "bear down" on six-figure executive salaries at Britain's biggest transport quangos.

The transport secretary wants to slash the number of huge pay awards handed to leaders at organisations such as Network Rail, HS2 and Highways England because of concerns that levels are too high.

It follows the publication of new figures from the Cabinet Office showing that 13 of the 15 highest-earning government officials in the country work on the railways or roads.

In all, transport bodies account for 31 of the top 50, the vast majority in rail.

Andrew Haines of Network Rail earns up to GBP590,000


Mark Thurston, chief executive of HS2 Ltd, which is building the high-speed railway, was the highest-paid official in the country

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