Have You Seen This? This truck is all of us limping in to 2021

THE NEW YEAR -- It's 2021. I know somewhere in the back of our minds we all assumed the calendar would flip to 2021 and things would magically get better. We have a lot to be optimistic about, but things didn't change overnight.

In fact, I think most of us would like a mulligan for the first week of 2021 and just assume the new year it started about eight days in. Regardless, 2020 was tough, but we got through it. It's now 2021 and while we may be a little worse for wear, we're still running.

In fact, feel like the truck in this video is the ultimate metaphor for all of us as we limp into the new year.

[embedded content] Fittingly, this video was captured on New Year's Day in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have no idea what happened to this truck, but it obviously wasn't good as it's nearly bent in half.

It looks like a caterpillar as it folds and then elongates to creep along. This truck never spreads out -- it just stays folded -- but that thing is still running. It's most likely a danger to whoever is driving and those around him, but it's running.

You can't keep anything in the bed because it will topple out, but the wheels are still turning and making progress. While I must advise you don't drive your car like this, I have to say it feels familiar. The back of my patience is nearly broken, my will is wheezing, and my progress is slow after 2020.

But like this truck, a thread of patience is still intact, there's still a breath of will in me, and progress is progress -- even if it's slow.

So, thanks for the reminder, truck, that we can all keep pushing along -- but go get fixed and get that danger off the road.


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John Clyde

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