Toyota to debut zero-emission fuel cell truck in US by 2024

NEW YORK -- Toyota Motor and subsidiary Hino Motors will jointly develop a heavy-duty fuel cell truck for the North American market under plans announced Monday. The new model will be based on Hino's XL Series and feature hydrogen fuel cell technology from Toyota. The two companies look to develop a prototype in the first half of 2021 and begin mass production by 2024.

Big trucks, which tend to emit large amounts of greenhouse gases, are key targets for electrification. Toyota and Hino announced in March that they would develop a fuel cell truck for Japan, and tightening environmental regulations worldwide have spurred the companies to bring the technology to other markets. Interest in zero-emissions trucks is growing in North America.

The field has suffered some turmoil of late, with U.S.-based upstart Nikola accused of lying about its technology.

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