Air Atlanta Icelandic to establish new AOC with cargo a future target

Air Atlanta Icelandic is establishing a new AOC is Malta and one day hopes the new airline will operate freighter aircraft. The aircraft operator said that to increase its competitiveness in the ACMI market post Covid-19, it is taking steps towards establishing an AOC in Malta under the name Air Atlanta Europe. The strategic move will strengthen the company's position in the ACMI and charter market with improved market reach and access, it explained.

The Asian market is one that a Maltese AOC will give it better access to as it periodically finds itself excluded from certain markets with the current set up. It will start operations with a passenger B747 but as the projects develops it remains open to adding a freighter to the AOC at some point. Baldvin Hermannsson, chief executive of Air Atlanta, said: "The foundation of Air Atlanta Europe in Malta is an important step for us to strengthen both current and future operations in an ever-increasingly competitive ACMI market."

Established in 1986, Air Atlanta Icelandic currently operates a fleet of nine B747-400 freighters and six B747-400 passenger aircraft, as well an A340-300.

Until recently, Air Atlanta Icelandic intended to launch both B777 and A330 passenger operations, which now await improved market conditions.

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