City of Canning to lobby Department of Transport for High Road cycle path

The City of Canning will lobby the Department of Transport (DoT) for a cycle path along High Road, between Leach Highway and Vahland Avenue, to be included in the Long Term Cycle Network after endorsing the plan last week.

The DoT has worked with local governments across the metropolitan area over the past two years to develop an "aspirational" plan for bicycle routes that link parks, schools, community facilities and transport options.

The City has identified a number of routes to deliver a continuous network of paths, including from Welshpool Road to Curtin University, Carousel to Southlands shopping centres, Carousel to Rossmoyne High School and Carousel to Curtin.

It also wants to develop a north-south route across the district and local paths.

Cr Ben Kunze said it was frustrating that a cycle path along High Road had not been included in the Cycling and Walking Plan adopted by the City in 2018 because of "the amount of infrastructure, particularly electricity, on High Road and the prohibitive cost".

He moved an amendment that the chief executive liaise with the department for its inclusion in the Long Term Cycle Network.

"I walk, cycle and drive, and it can be frustrating when cycling and there isn't a direct route," Cr Kunze said.

"It is a strategic distributor road, it has major activity centres on it like the Riverton Leisureplex, Stockland Riverton, schools, and will soon connect Nicholson Road train station almost to Bull Creek train station.

Cr Kunze, who said his brother had been hit by a car along High Road in their youth, argued High Road was not conducive to cycling.

"It has narrow lanes and a 70km/h speed limit; it is intimidating to be on there on a bicycle," he said.

"This is an aspirational plan, we have always needed a cycle path on High Road, so it is important to detail where we want paths to be in the future."

Cr Sara Saberi, who also described herself as a cyclist, agreed it was "quite scary" to cycle along High Road.

Mayor Patrick Hall said he could not remember seeing anyone on a pushbike on High Road, "which may be a sign of how dangerous it is".

A report to council said adopting the plan was critical as it would be a requirement for all future WA Bicycle Network Grants funding.

City of Canning to lobby Department of Transport for High Road cycle path

As of June, 15 local governments had endorse the network, 16 were in the process of reporting to June council meetings and two local governments were yet to schedule it into an agenda.

Councillors voted unanimously to endorse the network, with the amendment.

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