Trucking companies embrace array of strategies in Covid-19 fight

TORONTO, Ont. – Canada’s trucking industry appears to be embracing an array of strategies in the fight against Covid-19 – limiting contact with shippers and receivers, enhancing cleaning measures, and more. The information has emerged in the past 24 hours, through Today’s Trucking’s monthly Pulse reader survey, and is based on 250 responses.

More than 84% of our readers said their trucking businesses have had to change business procedures or practices since the fight against Covid-19 began. About 81% have limited in-person interactions with shippers and receivers, while 79% have introduced social distancing measures like holding conference calls rather than meetings. Two-thirds have enhanced office cleaning, and 65% have enhance truck cleaning.

Almost half (52%) have provided staff with additional personal protective apparel such as gloves and masks, while 67% have provided personal cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer. Not everyone is able to get the supplies they’d like. “Masks, gloves and sanitizer have been unavailable because of greedy hoarders,” one respondent said.

But the survey respondents also believe more can be done. Sixty percent of those surveyed do not believe truck drivers are receiving the support they need to effectively keep freight moving during the fight against Covid-19. Information is also being seen as a powerful tool.

Seventy-five percent have distributed information about Covid-19; 46% have rolled out formal training about business practices relating to Covid-19. Seventy percent of those who were surveyed expect lower freight volumes and dropping revenues in 2020 because of the fight against Covid-19, but almost 17% expect higher freight volumes and revenues. The remainder expect no difference.

Further disruptions to the supply chain are expected, though. More than three quarters (77%) anticipate more customer closures and shutdowns, 72% are worried about employee illnesses, and 66% are worried about truck stop or rest area closures. The survey remains open.

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