Road mishaps claimed 492 lives in 365 days

Express News Service KOCHI: Deaths due to road accidents in the district continue to be a concern for people and enforcement. As per the data with the Transport Department, accidents and the number of related deaths rose by eight per cent in 2019 than the preceding year.

In all, 6,282 accidents were in the district in 2019, against 5,992 in 2018. The number of accident deaths rose from 458 in 2018 to 492 in 2019. As many as 4,773 persons were grievously injured in the accidents in 2019, in comparison to 4,553 people in 2018.

What is also concerning that of the total number of people who died in accidents in 2019, 339 were either two-wheeler riders or those riding pillion. “When COVID-19 spread, people panicked and started taking precautions. They should adopt the same cautious approach while navigating on the roads.

In Ernakulam, accidents are claiming more than one life a day and over 10 persons are grievously injured and hospitalised. Such deaths can be prevented to a great extent if people on two-wheeler use helmets and car drivers use seatbelts,” said G Ananthakrishnan, Regional Transport Officer (Enforcement), Ernakulam. Accident spots
Thirteen accidents spots have been identified in the district. “Motorcycles have become more powerful and vehicle density in the district has increased.

Yet, people hesitate from using helmets. The situation is better within the Kochi City limits. In rural areas, most people don’t prefer wearing helmets,” said G Ananthakrishnan.At 337, the number of deaths due to accidents was higher in the district’s rural areas than the city limits (155) in 2019.

The number of accidents was also lower at 3,992 and 2,990, respectively. Commisionerate says
A statement from the Kochi City Police Commissionerate claimed the police was at the forefront to save lives and determined to reduce accidents.”As first step, traffic police personnel have been asked to perform ‘enforcement’ duties, instead of ‘traffic regulation’. This is an important step in reducing accidents.

As far as meeting targets are concerned, the Kochi commissionerate does not believe in the number of challans (petty cases) issued by a traffic constable per day, but strives to save precious lives.

The commissionerate appeals to all the citizens to obey traffic rules,” said the statement.

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