Amid corona outbreak, Pepsu Road Transport Corporation revenue hit with decline in number of passengers

With the Punjab government suspending public transport, including state owned and private buses, Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC), whose earnings are already on the lower side, is set to be hit hard. The PRTC Bathinda depot has already lost nearly INR9 lakh in revenue in the past three days, said Raman Sharma, general manager, PRTC, Bathinda. Their daily collection from about INR23 lakh has fallen to about INR20 lakh in the past three days.

“The loss of revenue is mainly because of reduced long distance travel, and the income will fall even more as people are avoiding any travel due to the virus outbreak,” he said Only PRTC buses sanitised While PRTC is sanitising its buses with chemical sprays, the private transporters have taken no such steps.

An employee of a private transport firm said it was for the state government to take responsibility of sanitising all buses. The PRTC general manager said, “Over the last four days, we have been sanitising all the buses entering the bus stand. Our employees have been deployed to spray disinfectants at the bus stand, too.” He also said staff had been instructed to allow only passengers on seats and to flag any person suspected to have the infection.

However, he said he was not aware if private buses were being sanitised as only Regional Transport Authority (RTA) can direct private transporters to do so.

RTA Udeydeep Singh couldn’t be contacted despite attempts.

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