US man caught producing music on his DAW while driving his semi-truck down the highway

We love making music on the move - what better way to see off a lengthy train journey than with some beatmaking - but one US trucker has taken things a bit far by setting up what appears to be a computer-based studio in the cab of his big-wheeler... and using it while driving. This came to light after Trooper Chris Thorson, a Public Information Officer for the Washington State Patrol, posted a photo of the rig on Twitter. The budding producer has been pulled over for speeding by one of his colleagues.

Just when you thought you have heard it all.....Trooper Trombley stopped a semi truck driver for speeding (17 over).

After arresting the driver for suspicion of DUI/drugs, he found out that the suspect produces/records music while driving down the highway. #notacceptable 10, 2020[1]

It transpires that the man in question had been making music while driving down the highway - a riskier move than reaching down to change the radio station, we think you'll agree.

The Tweet also includes a shot of a bag of white powder and what appears to be drug paraphernalia, suggesting that the driver may have been road-testing his bangers for their party-starting potential once he'd finished them.

Suffice to say, Trooper Thorson says that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable - and we're glad no one got hurt - but you do have admire this particular mobile DJ's commitment to his craft.


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