Two people injured after three-car crash on A27 Cosham slip road

Police, fire and ambulance were called to the A27 slip road to the Portsbridge Roundabout for Cosham and Hilsea this morning. A police spokeswoman said: 'We were called at 8.56am this morning to a three car collision on the A27 slipway to Hilsea. 'Two people have reported minor injuries, fire and ambulance are on scene.'

Accident on Cosham slip road

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The slip road was closed and caused delays for drivers as emergency services cleared the scene.

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Woman dies after car crashes into lamppost on A27 in Sussex

A driver told The News: 'As I passed the Farlington Roundabout the traffic slowed to a crawl. 'It took 40 minutes to travel less than 100 metres. A black car had its front all mangled.'

Another said: 'My drive to work this morning was chaos.

I hope everyone is alright as there seemed to be a lot of cars on the slip road into Cosham and the road was all backed up.'

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