Truck driver forced into the ditch by highway snowplow, says company

A trucking company says its driver was forced into the ditch Wednesday evening by a highway snowplow driver. (Submitted by Derrick Farnum)

A transport truck driver was forced off the highway by a snowplow, says the company's fleet manager. Dooley's Trucking fleet manager Mike Cooper says one of the company's drivers had just left the Fogo Island ferry terminal on Wednesday night when he met a snowplow driver near Stoneville on Route 335.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night near Stoneville after the driver left the Fogo Island Ferry terminal. "[He] was driving in from Fogo Island, like you do every day, and met a Highways plow coming back towards Farewell.

Due to, obviously, weather road conditions he was over a long ways, and our driver had no choice but to go into the ditch," said Cooper. Staying on the road would have meant risking hitting another vehicle, said Cooper. "The only option he had at that point was to veer off the roadway," he said. 

"You have a choice. You either hit another vehicle, or you just go in the ditch. And that's what the driver chose to do....

That's not something you want to see coming at you, a big heavy truck like that."

Identity of snowplow operator unknown

Cooper said the driver is unhurt, but the snowplow operator didn't stop at the scene. A government official told him Thursday the incident is under investigation. "Obviously, there's two sides to every story, so we need to find out from his point of view as well what happened," he said. "Nobody's seen him.

We have no report of him returning." Cooper said there were witnesses to the incident who back up their driver's story. "I spoke to one driver that was following our truck and he basically reiterated what our driver told us."

In an emailed statement, the Department of Transportation and Works said it is aware of the incident and is "reviewing operations and investigating the matter."

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