Make TSRTC more employee-friendly: Transport Minister

By Express News Service HYDERABAD: Minister for Transport P Ajay Kumar asked executive directors of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) to make major reforms in the way disciplinary action is initiated against employees. In a meeting held with the top administrators of TSRTC on Wednesday, Ajay Kumar told that officers must change their attitude towards the employees on matters of leaves, medical leaves and extra-time duties, among others.

"When initiating disciplinary action against an employee, the case must be divided into three categories based on the grievousness. The case could be in the red, green or blue category, where a drunk driving or fatal accident case warrants a red category case, while others fall in blue," said the minister. He said based on severity, stringent action can be initiated and that it must not be the norm in all cases.
The Minister also stressed on the need for depot managers to change their attitude towards the workers and hold Employee Welfare Council meetings every Tuesday to solve problems humanely.

RTC had recently constituted an Employees Welfare Board, which will function primarily at depot level, with the provision of a complaint/suggestion box and e-box to record day-to-day grievances.

TSRTC MD Sunil Sharma announced that every bus will now be equipped with a mike and sound system to make announcements of the bus stop and routes.

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