Lorry stopped by police after driving across Forth Road Bridge despite closure to high-sided vehicles

Road Policing Scotland's official twitter account said: "#NationalMotorcycleUnit, were on car duties today & stopped an HGV driver who decided the diversions were not for him & went over the FRB which was closed to high sided vehicles. "He then missed the Echline slip & reversed up the main carriageway. Reported for careless driving."

The Forth Bridges official twitter account said earlier today that the Forth Road Bridge is still open to buses and taxis.

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Transport Secretary Michael Matheson explained the Forth Road Bridge has been closed to car drivers today because one of the carriageways is being refurbished. The other part of the bridge is used as a public transport corridor which has increased by 50 per cent due to the Queensferry Crossing closure.

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Queensferry Crossing: Here's why the Forth Road Bridge cannot be opened to motorists today

He said that, if the Forth Road Bridge was open to general car use it would "compromise the ability to provide that additional public transport provision" arranged on Tuesday morning to help get people between Edinburgh and Fife. Road Policing Scotland posted a picture of the lorry.

The Queensferry Crossing will remain closed until Wednesday due to severe weather, with eight cars damaged in the "unique conditions".

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