Work on water transport, Azuba tells Gen Katumba

By Stephen Otage

Outgoing transport Minister Monica Ntege Azuba has told her successor, Gen Katumba Wamala, to pursue the introduction of water transport on lakes Albert and Victoria during his tenure of office. Speaking at the handover ceremony on Wednesday night, Ms Azuba said recently, she chaired a meeting attended by Transport ministers from within the East African Community region where all of them agreed to task their governments to finance the development of water transport because it is cheap and safe. "Cabinet took a decision to revive all modes of transport by 2021 starting with Uganda Airlines, development of safe reliable inland road and water transport, which is in government of Uganda development plan," she said.

Ms Azuba said during her tenure of office, the Ministry of Works was able to coordinate the growth of sectors such as trade, industry, agriculture and the Ministry of Education, which will drive Uganda to the middle income status. The outgoing minister said she had sought leave from the Prime Minister and had also spoken to President Museveni to relieve her of the duties so that she can concentrate on personal businesses. In his acceptance speech, Gen Wamala said the ministry had a very negative image that the minister turned around by deploying all the young engineers who were redundant in the ministry, building a team which eased the running of the ministry as well as reviving Uganda Airlines, which was not an easy task together with other landmark projects that the ministry boasts of today.


"During your tenure of office, you exhibited a lot of energy, you deployed all the young engineers, you delivered the Bombardier planes, you improved the ministry's budget.

You have not let down the President," he said, adding that during her tenure more water vessels were introduced on lakes Victoria and Albert.

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