Watch: Reckless truck driver wanted for ‘dancing on the road’

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) announced on Twitter on Tuesday 24 December 2019, that they are on the hunt for a truck driver who was seen dancing while driving on a video.  The driver can be seen dancing away without his hands on the wheel while driving a large truck. 

What can be seen in the video 

In the video, a truck driver can be seen in a very happy mood "dancing" to music while driving.  The video shows the man lifting his hands off the wheel for long periods of time.

The driver can be seen dancing wildly, jumping off the seat and going as far as to kick his knees up, taking his feet off the pedals.  The RTMC said the video is an example of negligence on the road, where one wrong move or swing of his arm could have led to the truck losing control. The truck appears to be driving on a main highway, passing other trucks at quite a fast speed. 

Watch: Truck driver dances while driving

Twitter says truck driver is innocent 

Twitter users argued that the motorist is innocent as he did not harm or kill anyone while performing his dance moves behind the wheel. 

"Yes, who did he harm or kill?" 

"No chief...but now he is being crucified for being happy," added the user. 

When asked what the driver is being accused of, the RTMC said: "Reckless and negligent driving.

Also inconsiderate driving. Section 63 and 64 of the Road Traffic Act." Another Twitter user came to the driver's defence, saying that the RTMC should be worrying about taxi drivers rather than a lonely truck driver who is simply enjoying his music. 

"Leave this truck driver alone...Just channel this newly found enthusiasm in dealing with taxi drivers who do more damage on the road than a lonely truck driver, dancing to maskandi music in his truck cabin!"

"Until he kills someone dear to you," a user said in response.

"The fact remains, taxi drivers do more damage on the road.

Nothing is being done to hunt them down here on Twitter."

Twitter accuses RTMC for slow response 

Another user said that the video has been circulating on social media for a long time and the RTMC is only acting on it now. 

"This has been circulating on social media for a long time and you wake up now to tell us he is wanted, no wonder your finances are such a mess - may [want to] fix that first," said the user. 

A Twitter user responded to the RTMC, tagging Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula and the South African Police Service (SAPS), saying that they should be able to identify the trucker via their records. 

"You must be able to identify him from your own records, remember you take our photos when you issue driver's licences to us..." reached out to the RTMC for comment, but they did not respond at the time of publication. 

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