Service launches for online reporting of London road network issues

Londoners can now quickly report issues with the capital's road network with a new online service. Launched by Transport for London (TfL) this week, the new Street Care service can be accessed using a web browser and allows for issues to be easily flagged up. Users are able to pinpoint a location on a map, and fill out a simple form alerting TfL of any problems related to roadworks, potholes, bus shelters and traffic lights among others.

Following a report, TfL says it will investigate any issues, but did not specify any time frame for the process. Within the map, users are also able to see issues that have already been reported to TfL and if any action has been taken to rectify them.

Our new Street Care site makes it quick and easy to report problems on London's roads such as potholes and damaged bus stops ? ? The online map also shows if issues have been reported already - and lets you know when they've been fixed ? ?

-- Transport for London ? (@TfL) December 16, 2019

The service is also able to detect if an issue is under TfL's network -- around five percent of the capital's roads, which are said to carry 30 per cent of its traffic -- or another authority. If an issue is on a non-TfL maintained road, details of reported issues will be sent to the relevant team. TfL has worked with non-profit firm mySociety to develop the technology.

Mark Cridge, mySociety chief executive, said: "This is a great step forward and shows just how well our platform can knit in with other systems to ultimately produce more connected, efficient city services."

Glynn Barton, TfL's director of network management, said: "We work around the clock to keep our road network safe and in a good state of repair and want to make it as easy as possible for people to report issues when they find them.

"The TfL Street Care service will give people more information about the work we are doing on London's road network and at bus stops and reassure Londoners that we really care about getting things fixed."

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