Road Safety in the UAE: Parents Aren't Buckling Up Their Kids and It's Not Okay

Dubai roads are high speed and everyone who drives on these roads should be very wary of road rules. There are high fines on breaking traffic rules - however, people do seem to flout these rules all the time. This is not okay.

Mainly because those rules aren't just there for the sake of it. They actually guarantee our safety and those who are close to us.

The 'Eyes on You' survey conducted by YouGov involved 1,869 parents across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon. Infiniti Middle East conducted this survey in which they figured out the following very scary facts: 

o 44% of parents admit to breaking traffic rules when they feel they're not being monitored
o 40% of parents admit to making phone calls or checking social media while driving with children
o 43% of parents are most likely to break traffic rules when they are in a hurry

18% of the parents were saying they were "most likely to break traffic rules if there were no cameras in place.

16% admitted to dangerous driving when there was no way of being monitored, and 10% when there was no police in sight". Road Safety in the UAE: Parents Aren't Buckling Up Their Kids and It's Not Okay

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, aka the RTA, has various traffic awareness campaign targets educating children and adolescents. "Over the years, RTA has created a number of projects, plans and initiatives to improve traffic safety, and raise awareness of a positive traffic safety culture in Dubai," Deema Hussein, Traffic Awareness Senior Manager, Traffic Department of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was quoted. Taking care of our children is just a natural responsibility.

So it's quite scary that a lot of us aren't really focused on driving safety while we have our young ones with us.

There are high speed roads, risky drivers and social media and taking phone calls are a massive distraction.

If you are a motorist in Dubai, please take a pledge to be safer and not be distracted while driving!

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