Road layout change coming to Cobham Dr

The next phase of work for the Ring Road - Wairere Dr extension project will ramp up in the New Year and require major road layout changes to Cobham Dr (SH1). The layout change -in place from 13 January 2020 - will see the current four-lane Cobham Dr (between Howell Ave and Galloway St) reduced to three lanes - two lanes for Hamilton-bound vehicles and one lane for south-bound. When the whole project is completed, Cobham Dr (Ring Road) will be raised to allow the four-laned Wairere Dr extension to pass underneath and connect to the future bridge over the Waikato River to Peacocke.

The Council's Capital Projects Manager Chris Barton says the layout changes are needed to provide space for required Cobham Dr construction activities, and ensure the site is as safe as possible for both road users and workers. "We will be working hard to minimise disruption to residents and road users and, as always, we appreciate your patience while we work through this project," Mr Barton says. "The final connection of the Ring Road is an important piece of the puzzle for the city's transport network and is about making sure we are prepared for the future while at the same time protecting and enhancing our great river city.

"Work will include improving our transport connections by extending our shared walking and biking paths for people to enjoy while also future-proofing for our fast-growing city." The new road layout will be in place 24/7, for approximately nine months. There will also be a speed reduction to 50km/h through the area - down from the current 80km/h.

The total project cost to build the final section of the Ring Road is £39M, of which £28.2M is contributed by government through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency subsidies.

The Ring Road is designed to be a main route for traffic as the city grows and support people getting around our city now and in the future, whether in cars, walking, on bikes or on public transport.

The Council is investing £2B in the city's biggest-ever 10-Year capital programme to set the platform for planned, sustainable growth and to look after Hamilton's future transport, infrastructure and community facilities and help build a strong economy for Hamiltonians.

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