Rajasthan Transport Department to observe 'No Vehicle Day' on first day of every month

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 31 (ANI): In a bid to promote road safety and reduce the pollution caused by vehicles, Rajasthan Transport Department is set to observe a 'No Vehicle Day' once a month in the coming year.
"All officers and employees working in the Transport Department will come to their offices as pedestrians or via bicycle or by a public transport service on the first working day of every month and it will be celebrated as No Vehicle Day, I will also go to the office via bicycle," said state Transport Minister Pratap Singh in a written statement.
The order, however, will not be applicable to the checking squad of the department as well as the physically disabled employees of the department.
Rajasthan's transport minister said that the initiative was aimed at promoting a culture of healthy living and encouraging the use of public transport.
"The main purpose of celebrating this day is to sensitise the personnel of the transport department responsible for a few problems.

There should be more usage of the public transport system, reduction in pollution caused by transportation, to reduce traffic on roads and to reduce road accidents," he added.
The department will start this initiative from the first working day of the new year. (ANI)

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